Experience Sigma Chi's major leadership initiatives firsthand

distinguished visitors panel at 2022 krach transformational leaders workshop

The Distinguished Visitor (DV) program is an opportunity to immerse Sigma Chi’s most accomplished brothers in a personal, exclusive experience at one of our premier leadership programs.

As a DV, you will:

— Get an up-close look at either Horizons Huntsman Leadership Institute or Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop

— Have the opportunity to share your wisdom and perspective on leadership, character and values with undergraduate brothers

— Meet with Sigma Chi leaders, ask questions and provide feedback and advice

— Interface with a cohort of accomplished brothers who can expand your professional network and circle of friends

Brothers that participate. in the DV program leave with a renewed passion for Sigma Chi, a better appreciation for the excellence of our leadership programs, and increased recognition of the high leadership potential of our undergraduate members.


“I have been privileged to attend several DV programs in Ohio and Utah. Not only was I impressed by the quality of the speakers and instructors, but I was heartened to meet Sigs of my era from all over who reaffirmed my belief in the ideals that motivate and guide us; truly an uplifting and positive experience.”

Significant Sig Donald Schefmeyer, SYRACUSE 1969

President, Action Mortgage Corp.

— — —

“Sigma Chi is the best organization that I know for the development of character and leadership in deserving young men. The programs and content produced by Sigma Chi across the country is the stuff Fortune 500 companies would love to replicate.”

Significant Sig Douglas Lundy, MD, MBA, NORTH GEORGIA 1986

Renowned orthopedic surgeon

— — —

“After visiting Horizons as a Distinguished Visitor, I came away with a renewed sense of personal responsibility to perpetuate the values and mission of Sigma Chi. I would encourage all who have an interest to consider doing the same.”

Significant Sig Jeff Gill, SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1978

President & CEO, Sypris Solutions; Chairman, Sigma Chi Foundation

significant sig donald schefmeyer, syracuse 1969


Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop

ABOUT: Sigma Chi’s flagship leadership training event, Krach Transformational Leaders Workshop focuses on the personal and professional development of Sigma Chi undergrads, developing them into Transformational Leaders for their chapters and campuses. Participants are given the opportunity to participate in one of three Sigma Chi Leadership Institute (SCLI) leadership certificate tracks, delivered by Sigma Chi Facilitator Academy faculty members. To learn more visit workshop.sigmachi.org.


WHEN: The DV program will correspond with the Fraternity’s program on August 1-5


WHERE: Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio

Huntsman Horizons Leadership Summit

ABOUT: The Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit is a leadership development experience for qualified undergraduate Sigma Chis with at least one year remaining in college, and who wish to improve their understanding of leadership as it relates to personal development, group dynamics, and intentional efforts to make positive change in the world. Participants who complete the 80 clock-hour immersive, experiential experience receive the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute’s Enduring Leadership certificate.  To learn more visit sigmachi.org/horizons.


WHEN: DV’s may choose 2-3 days during one of the following sessions: June 11-18, July 9-16, July 16-23, August 13-20, August 20-27


WHERE: Snowbird, Utah

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