COVID-19 grant making a difference

From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sigma Chi Foundation has been aiding impacted undergraduate and graduate student brothers through the Brothers Helping Brothers Fund, which has been funded through the tax-deductible contributions of Sigma Chi alumni.


As of April 20, the Foundation has awarded $48,275 to 78 brothers.


Sigma Chi is still accepting applications for the grant and also accepting donations from any alumni or friends who would like to aid these efforts and support our brothers in need.



Below are testimonials and updates from brothers who have received the Brothers Helping Brothers grant from Sigma Chi:



“This grant means a lot to me, as my entire college life has been turned upside down. It is great to know my amazing brotherhood has my back through this time and that they make a real effort to help anyway they can. I had to move from my college town due to COVID-19 unexpectedly, so this really helps.”

Jordan Carlson, WYOMING 2023


“This grant has given me the opportunity to alleviate some of the stress of the finances that have accumulated since COVID-19. I am thankful to those who have donated to supply this grant and the brothers who have been willing to help brothers they may never even meet. Sigma Chi has constantly shown me how this Fraternity is more than just Greek letters we wear on our chest. This Fraternity has helped me in more ways than one, and I hope to be able to give back to other undergrads after this, as well.”

Spencer Coffey, STEPHEN F. AUSTIN 2019


“With the abrupt arrival of COVID-19 and its relentless effect upon families around the world, it is not unreasonable to state that many people's lives will be changed for the worse following this pandemic. My family is directly affected by the intrinsic economic outcome of COVID-19 in that my father, our family's primary source of income, has recently lost his job due to the outcasting of non-essential businesses for the time being. Because of this, economic flow within our household has been slowed to a point where micromanagement of funds is entirely necessary. Due to the grant received by the Sigma Chi Foundation, my family will be able to buy groceries for the next couple of weeks. I am entirely grateful of the opportunity that has been presented to me and further assured that Sigma Chi is an organization that has no limit to their generosity and sense of brotherhood.”

George Hanna, SOUTH CAROLINA 2023  (Sigma Chi Gamma colony member)


“I would like to extend my gratitude to all members of Sigma Chi  —  the undergrads, alumni, Headquarters and everyone else behind the scenes. After losing my sublet for the summer, I was a little worried about covering rent. Then when I lost my internship, I wondered how I was even going to pay dues and contribute next school year. Thanks to the generosity of the brothers, I am still in the fight. When this situation is all said and done, I look forward to continuing in areas such as raising money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. The brothers helped me when I needed it most — I'll be sure to return the favor.”

Evan Leeson, WATERLOO 2023


“After the COVID-19 outbreak began, my family saw an immediate decrease in income. Now, we are at a point where we have to plan out transportation costs and meal costs weeks in advance, and any money left over goes into savings. This grant helps immensely in relieving a lot of the stress my family is currently experiencing due to our financial situation, and allows me to focus more on my studies and maintaining my grades. I am very grateful to Sigma Chi and to those who are able to help out during these trying times.”

Diego Meucci, YALE 2022


“In times of uncertainty and crisis, it's important we come together as a community and offer support to prevail past these difficult times. I’m honored and sincerely grateful to be a part of such an amazing organization and to know that brothers from all over the nation are looking after one another through thick and thin.”

Jorge Obeso-Arrocha, INDIANA 2020


“Being selected as a recipient for a Brothers Helping Brothers COVID-19 grant is a blessing that I will forever be grateful for. My study abroad experience in Madrid, was cut short due to the coronavirus outbreak. Students were sent home, and travel expenses were high. This scholarship will definitely help recover from those expenses and be a difference-maker when it comes to affording the education I need in order to achieve my long-term goals. Nevertheless, this scholarship shows me that my brothers of Sigma Chi Fraternity will always be there, no matter what.”

David Ogunnowo, SYRACUSE 2021


“Receiving this grant means more peace of mind, which goes a long way in a time where peace of mind is a very finite resource. I — along with hundreds of thousands of other brothers and millions of other students — are still expected to be at my academic best during this time of global plight. This grant helps me and many other brothers who are in similarly difficult situations the ability to focus more on succeeding in school and in our chapters despite the weight of COVID-19. For me personally, this grant is also incredibly timely. It means that I have more emotional resources right now to dedicate to one of my other passions: developing my website and blog for the launch on the 30th of April, where-in I try to spread ideas that I feel can help explain our world today and help others live lives that are more focused on cultivating their sense of meaning and fighting real issues like climate change. This grant means I can pursue that project with less of worry of how I am going to make ends meet while feeling like less of a burden on my family. It means I can dedicate more time to success in school and cultivating my passion, and it means I can be a better Sigma Chi. I am incredibly thankful for this grant and the support of the Sigma Chi Fraternity. Thank you!”

Coleman Snell, PUGET SOUND 2023


“Even when you can't see a light at the end of the tunnel during this pandemic, the White Cross of Sigma Chi shines through every day! This is a great testimony of how supporting our Fraternity is and how nothing [not even this pandemic] will stop the unity of this great brotherhood. Sigma Chi has given me favor and distinction, and I will never be satisfied just being a regular man because more is expected of a Sigma Chi. I truly want to thank Sigma Chi for the support during these hard times and hope to rejoin my brothers soon for great memories during my senior year at the University of Tampa.”

Antonio Vieira, TAMPA 2021


“This grant is literal proof that my brothers have my back. When the travel ban took place without warning and just 24 hours to get back to the states, I had to blow my savings on the return flight home. It was hectic and stressful running back from the bar to see the flight tickets climb by the moment. This grant will help cover the costs of the flight, and I will invest a portion of it into communication equipment for the remote sales role I picked up to help support my family.”

Alex Yoo, GEORGETOWN 2021