Brothers Prepare to Attend 2016 Balfour LTW

Brothers attending this month’s Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) at Bowling Green State University should keep in mind what they will and will not need to pack before departing for Ohio.   In particular, participants should be sure to bring such items as four days’ worth of casual clothing — such as shorts, T-shirts, polos, etc. — […]

Sigs Gather in Skokie, Ill., for the 2016 Grand Council

Nearly 300 Sigma Chis and their family and friends gathered from June 10 to 12 at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago – North Shore Conference Center in Skokie, Ill., in order to participate in the 2016 meeting of the Grand Council. The event afforded participants the opportunity to adopt changes to the language comprising the […]

Traveling Sigs Connect Through Social Media

Since November 2015, Sigma Chis on the go have had an easy way to connect with one another: the Facebook group Sigs at an Airport. Founded by Scott Bondy, TORONTO-RYERSON and WINDSOR 1997, and moderated by him and Don Copeland, STEPHEN F. AUSTIN 1989, Sigs at an Airport provides an easy way for brothers to […]

Horizons Participants Reflect on Their Experiences

The Fraternity’s Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit has hosted three of its five 2016 sessions so far, with 144 rising underclassmen leaders benefitting from the leadership development program’s teachings. Taking place in Snowbird, Utah, the program transports participants to a setting of mountainous vistas where they work alongside other promising freshman and sophomore brothers for six […]

Five Purdue Sigs Earn Fraternity Award for Volunteer Service

The following is an abridged version of the story Memorializing a Fallen Friend Through Service that appears on page 8 of the summer 2016 edition of The Magazine of Sigma Chi. To nominate a brother for the Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action Leadership Award, email your answers to the questions posed under the “Nominate a Brother for the Award” section of the award’s […]

Sigs Work to Meet $1.2 Million Fundraising Goal

After Sigma Chis raised more than $1 million for the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) since August 2015, Order of Constantine Sig and chairman of the Fraternity’s philanthropy committee Dan Shaver, TEXAS TECH 1993, believes that the Fraternity’s brothers have it within them to clear the $1.2 million level by July 31.   “Only 138 [of Sigma […]

Headquarters to Launch Regionalized Chapter Support Model

In an effort to take a proactive stance toward accountability issues, Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters is launching a pilot program for its regional chapter support program that will afford Headquarters representatives a better opportunity to help undergraduates head off problems before they occur. The pilot is expected to launch on July 1, 2016.   […]

Submit Local Activities for Use in Preparation for Brotherhood

Though the Preparation for Brotherhood pledging program aspires to bring the Fraternity’s new member education under a single umbrella, Sigma Chi’s leaders also recognize the importance of chapters retaining the right to observe and participate in the traditions that they have cultivated over the years that are consistent with Sigma Chi’s values.   In order […]

Balfour LTW Registration to Close July 1

Brothers who plan to attend the 2016 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) from July 28 to 30 at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, must complete their registration by July 1. The event will have no on-site registration.   Once on the website, brothers can see Balfour LTW’s full schedule of events, choose to register under the appropriate […]

Preparation for Brotherhood Program Implements Feedback

Members of the Preparation for Brotherhood committee and Sigma Chi International Fraternity Headquarters staff spent the 2015 to 2016 academic year conducting the Alpha and Beta tests of the Preparation for Brotherhood pledging program. Now, they are working to integrate the feedback they received from participating undergraduates to improve the program prior to its planned rollout […]

Colony to be Reinstalled at the 2016 Balfour LTW

Next month, Sigma Chi will gather approximately 2,000 of its members at Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio, to take part in the 2016 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (LTW). In addition to taking part in alumni volunteer-led leadership development programming, they will have the opportunity to witness and take part in the installation of the […]

Character-in-Action™ Award Winner is a Patron of the Arts

The following is excerpted from the spring 2016 issue of The Magazine of Sigma Chi.   Beautiful music has always inspired Order of Constantine Sig Leon Peterson, UTAH 1961, and now he is encouraging young musicians to create it. It has been a natural progression for the affable gentleman who can’t read a note, much less […]

Life Loyal Program Nears a New Milestone

With more than 57,000 Sigs in its ranks, the Fraternity’s Life Loyal program is closing in on adding its 60,000th member. Among them are such luminaries as Significant Sigs Jay Wright, BUCKNELL 1983; Drew Brees, PURDUE 2001; Bill Marriott, UTAH 1954; David Letterman, BALL STATE 1969; and Luke Bryan, GEORGIA SOUTHERN 1999.    Depending on the membership package they purchase, Life Loyal Sigs receive […]

Balfour Leadership Training Workshop Registration Opens

Undergraduates and alumni planning to attend the 2016 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop (LTW) are able to register on the event’s website. All attendees must register by July 1.   Balfour LTW is the Fraternity’s largest annual gathering of Sigma Chis, with around 2,000 brothers congregating each summer to take part in activities to improve their ability […]

Two Chapters Opened, One Closed in Recent Weeks

Each year, the Fraternity’s undergraduate membership turns over by the thousands as brothers earn their degrees and graduate, while others who are fresh out of high school enroll in college and discover Sigma Chi through the recruiting process. In a similar vein, Sigma Chi’s list of undergraduate chapters has gone through recent changes, with two […]