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In order to achieve successful learning outcomes for every leadership certificate, Sigma Chi needs certified teachers and mentors. Sigma Chi’s alumni base will provide the necessary teaching skills to allow the future leaders of our Fraternity to flourish through this forthcoming education. Through the creation and development of the Sigma Chi Facilitator Academy, the Fraternity and SCLI will endeavor to create a cadre of certified facilitators to instruct and track all SCLI programming.
Beginning with Horizons session coordinators and guides, spanning through our seasoned collection of Mission 365 and Workshop facilitators, Sigma Chi will utilize decades of leadership experiences and scholarship through a faculty spread across North America to deliver these certificates to undergraduates


Sigma Chi members are lifelong learners. That’s why SCLI certificates also will be offered in the future to alumni looking to take advantage of best-in-class leadership development curriculum.
Sigma Chi has more than 240,000 living alumni who made a lifelong commitment to the organization. It’s time to provide them value and benefits that can help them live their values in the workplace or in their family life.


Community is an important aspect within Sigma Chi. Our philosophy of leadership is not just to improve ourselves and the organization, but also to benefit those around us. Most importantly those colleges and universities that host our chapters on their campus or in their communities. This new co-curricular experience will fit hand-in-hand with the academic experience Sigma Chi members enjoy within their colleges and universities. By experiencing Sigma Chi programs on their own time, members have the opportunity to graduate with a diploma from their institution and Department of Education-recognized leadership certificates through the accredited Sigma Chi Leadership Institute.

The tandem has the potential to be a win-win for all involved: Graduates are stocked with valuable learning and life skills plus on-the-job experience entering the job market, which increases their placement rate following graduation and is a win for their university. This program should also elevate the leadership experience and extracurricular offerings for recruits looking to engage in the Greek-letter landscape at their institution.