Sigma Chi International Fraternity Wishes 51st Grand Consul George Jones, LOUISIANA STATE 1942, A MOMENTOUS 100TH BIRTHDAY!

Born March 7, 1922, Jones has had an active professional career and service to Sigma Chi. His impact on the Fraternity began when he helped develop an initiation week manual and initiation week programs while at Louisiana State that were used for decades afterward. After graduating with a chemical engineering degree and helping to found the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Alumni Chapter in 1947, Jones earned his Doctor of Medicine from Louisiana State in 1953 before earning his certificate of ophthalmology from Tulane University in 1957.  

Around this time in the 1950s his alumni involvement with Sigma Chi began in earnest. Jones began serving on the expansion committee and was involved with it for 27 years and spent 20 of those as committee chairman. He joined the Louisiana State house chapter’s corporation and served for 20 years. Jones also became chapter advisor for the local undergraduates. In 1959 he began serving as Southern province Grand Praetor and held the role until 1973. While launching his service to Sigma Chi, Jones also was launching his medical career as a lecturer, author and authority on contact lenses.  

Jones is the past chief of staff of ophthalmology at Baton Rouge General Hospital and Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, as well as a former clinical assistant professor at both the Tulane and Louisiana State University schools of medicine. He has been a member of the American Board of Ophthalmology and past president of the Louisiana Ophthalmological Society and Louisiana Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat Association. He also served as chairman of the State Medical Society Lobbying Committee. 

In the early 1960s Jones became a member of the Ritual committee, a position he would hold for 20 years, and later authored The Norman Shield’s Ritual history. He was inducted into the Order of Constantine at the 1969 Grand Chapter. Jones took on more prominent leadership positions within the Fraternity in the 1970s. He served as Grand Trustee from 1973 to 1977, became Grand Quaestor in 1977 then Grand Pro Consul in 1979 before being elected Grand Consul in 1981 at the Grand Chapter in Scottsdale, Arizona. By the time of his Grand Consul election, he had lectured at 15 summer Leadership Training Workshops, beginning with the Fraternity’s second one in 1948, and had attended 14 Grand Chapters since 1941. 

The Magazine of Sigma Chi profiled the new Grand Consul in 1981 and focused its questions on how active Jones was as an alumni volunteer. His responses reveal his outgoing personality and love of the bonds of brotherhood. 

I have always liked to be around people, and I found in the Fraternity a chance to associate intimately and pleasantly with a lot of brothers at the local level. And, I was fascinated by the context of Sigma Chi and the international aspects right from the beginning,” Jones said when asked what keeps him active.  

His main message to alumni brothers was to “stay active.”  

“The biggest fun I have is meeting people of different ages. The thing the Fraternity has that no other group has is a bunch of college men of ages from 90 to 19 meeting together on a common basis of friendship,” he said. “There is no other organization anywhere that I know of, of such high caliber, where there is that opportunity. The alumni should associate themselves with the fellowship, on the basis of trust and friendship, which I find present in alumni chapters, for its own sake and the byproduct of helping the undergraduates.” 

Our best wishes for a happy birthday

Through his eyes

Fifty-first Grand Consul George Jones, LOUISIANA STATE 1942, has witnessed his share of change in the Fraternity and the world in his lifetime. He's been there for the establishment of the Order of Constantine in 1947 and the first man to land on the moon in 1969 — and the installation or reinstallation of more than 200 Fraternity chapters. Explore the timeline below to see a few of the major events Jones has experienced.

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