COVID-19 Guidance

Fraternity House Residential Status

If remote or e-learning has been established at your school, we encourage you to follow your institution’s recommendations during the online learning period. If your school is asking students to return to their primary residences during the time when face-to-face instruction is prohibited, please do so. If your members cannot return to their primary residence, we encourage you to plan to allow them to remain in the chapter house if this is allowable by your school. If students are staying in the chapter house during online learning periods, we highly recommend following the Enhanced Facility Specific Actions:

Enhanced Facility Specific Actions

If the members are still residing in the chapter facility, the House Corporation and members living in the chapter house are highly encouraged to:

– Make hand sanitizers, sanitizing wipes, and other hygienic supplies readily available to brothers and guests

– Make antimicrobial hand soap available (if not already)

– Increase the frequency of cleaning and sanitization of common areas, especially bathrooms

– Increase HVAC preventive maintenance cycles to ensure filters are cleaned and the system is functioning properly

Facility Cleaning

Constantine Housing Initiative (CHI) has a national partnership with ServiceMaster to assist with emergency cleaning and restoration efforts. They have already been through many precautionary cleanings and one positive decontamination clean. CHI and Sigma Chi, with RMF support, are requesting that any house corporations that have concerns about the living environment related to COVID-19, reach out to our Service Master team via

Cal McCarty | Vice President 

ServiceMaster Recovery Management

Office: 800-954-9444 | Mobile: 224-361-1841

cal.mccarty@smdsi.com | www.srmcat.com

Facility Cleaning Supplies

CHI also maintains an international partnership with HD Supply. House Corporations in the RMF Property Program are eligible for significant discounts on a huge catalog of products, including clean supplies (As with many retailers, some items are on backorder). If you have not made a purchase from HD Supply yet, please contact us via email and we can provide your account credentials.


Note that this situation is not an excuse to assign additional cleaning tasks to new members or pledges, which the Fraternity would likely interpret as hazing.

We all understand that this situation is changing daily. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions at any time.

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