Conversations on Transformational Leadership: Significant Sig and Brig. Gen. Jay Burks

Conversations on Transformational Leadership CONVERSATIONS ON TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP WITH Significant Sig and Brig. Gen. Jay Burks BY ASHLEY SZATALA Burks, FURMAN 1989, discusses his approaches to leadership after more than 26 years in the Air Force and decades leading health care teams.  Pictured is the official Air Force Medical Service Corps chiefs portrait of Significant […]

Fraternity Announces its 2021 Significant Sig Award Recipients

Sigma Chi International Fraternity has selected its recipients for the 2021 Significant Sig Award, which recognizes members who have achieved high levels of professional success.   Awarded annually since 1935, the Fraternity has honored more than 2,000 Sigma Chis with the Significant Sig Award.   Members of the 2021 class will receive their honor either […]