Helping Ukraine

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award Helping Ukraine BY ASHLEY SZATALA Three people share how they traveled abroad to deliver supplies and assistance to the Ukrainian people This picture, taken by Andy Roman, FLORIDA SOUTHERN 2020, shows some of the destruction caused by Russia in Ukraine. Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022, to widespread […]

Making Nice Things Happen

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award Making NIce Things Happen BY ASHLEY SZATALA Todd Weinstein, SUNY-ALBANY 1994, started a Facebook group dedicated to the positives in his community and uses the group to support local organizations Todd Weinstein, SUNY-ALBANY 1994, is pictured with Brent Henry after members of the Nice Things Happening in East Meadow […]

Jeepin’ for a Cause

Mike Missak, RIPON 2001, started Jeeps on the Run, which each December collects thousands of toys and dollars for the U.S. Marine Corps’ Toys for Tots program

A Lasting Impression on Others

Sam Freemark, OTTAWA 2021, draws upon his experience with homelessness to serve those at a local homeless shelter and increase the volunteerism of his chapter

Honoring a Fallen Brother

An Oswego State alumnus collected $10,000 from Fraternity members and friends for the college fund of Brian Cudnik’s, OSWEGO STATE 1993, daughter

Cleaning Up Cookeville

Brothers with the Tennessee Tech undergraduate chapter immediately aid their community after deadly tornado.

The Power of Changing One Life

Nitesh Patel, CAL. POLY.-POMOMA 2001, helps support children and families in need and encourages a pathway to education through his nonprofit, Each One Teach One

Empowering Communities

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award Empowering Communities BY ASHLEY SZATALA Henry Louie, KETTERING 2002, co-founded KiloWatts for Humanity, which helps electrify communities in developing countries to create businesses that benefit residents  Henry Louie, KETTERING 2002, left, poses with a woman from Cheeba, Zambia. KiloWatts for Humanity installed a solar kiosk there in September 2019. The kiosk supplies electricity for […]

Building a Home for Others

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award Building a Home for Others BY ASHLEY SZATALA Tom Geary, EMORY 1970, regularly volunteers with Habitat for Humanity Romania after witnessing the country’s poor housing stock while stationed in Bucharest in the late 1990s   Tom Geary, EMORY 1970, is pictured while in Romania building houses for Habitat for Humanity Romania in 2017. Geary has volunteered […]

Fundraising for Others

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award Fundraising for Others BY ASHLEY SZATALA Steve Marin Jr., FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 2020, has raised more than $110,000 to aid homeless and former foster care students at his university Steve Marin, FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 2020, speaks at a Fostering Panther Pride program in spring 2017. Steve Marin Jr., FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 2020, hasn’t forgotten the moment as an eighth grader he […]

Protecting the Planet

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award Protecting the Planet BY ASHLEY SZATALA Sam Bencheghib, LEHIGH 2019, is running from New York City to Los Angeles to encourage people to reduce their plastic consumption Sam Bencheghib, LEHIGH 2019, is shown standing near a repurposed bamboo traditional fishing boat that he and his brother, Gary Bencheghib, used to travel […]

Stand Up

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award Stand Up Ryan Liskey, MARQUETTE 2010  A Southern Methodist Sig’s efforts help clean up public corruption in south Florida Michael Kesti, SOUTHERN METHODIST 1983, is pictured. The FBI asked him to work as a confidential informant after he brought forward suspicions surrounding the finances of a foundation for which he consulted. His […]

Help for All

Mark V. Anderson Character-in-Action™ Leadership Award HELP FOR ALL BY ASHLEY SZATALA João Guimarães, FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 2020, has been purchasing food for residents of his hometown in Brazil and donating to local social service organizations during the pandemic  João Guimarães, FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL 2020, is pictured handing food kits to families in need near his hometown of Teresina, Piauí, which is one of the poorest states […]