Risk Management Foundation Position on Fight Night Events

Sigma Chi Policy on Organized Combat Sports


The safety and well-being of our members and the communities we serve are of paramount importance to Sigma Chi. This policy is established to mitigate the risks associated with hosting boxing tournaments, including potential physical injury and legal liabilities, ensuring that all fraternity activities align with our core values and standards for safety.

Policy Statement

Effective 8/1/24, Sigma Chi prohibits all local chapters from organizing, hosting, sponsoring, or participating in Organized Combat Sports. Organized Combat Sports means any sport including boxing; kickboxing; wrestling of any kind; fencing; mixed martial arts; muay thai; Brazilian jui-jitsu; judo; karate; krav maga; taekwondo; aikido; sambo; kung fu; or martial arts of any other kind that are organized in advance and take place in an amateur practice or competition setting.


If there are any questions, Chapters should contact Headquarters to seek clarification before organizing the event.


This policy applies to all members of Sigma Chi, including undergraduate and alumni members, and extends to all chapter or alumni chapter activities, regardless of location.

Prohibited Activities

·      Organizing Boxing Events: Chapters are prohibited from organizing any event that includes boxing or similar physical combat sports, regardless of the intended purpose.

·      Participation in Boxing Events: Members are prohibited from participating in boxing tournaments or similar events as representatives of their chapter or the fraternity.

·      Sponsorship: Chapters may not sponsor or provide financial or promotional support to boxing events or similar activities. (Note that Individual Members still can^)


Alternative Activities

Chapters are encouraged to explore and implement alternative events that align with our fraternity’s mission and promote community building, leadership, and personal development. Headquarters can provide resources and suggestions for approved philanthropic, recruitment, or brotherhood activities.



Failure to adhere to this policy may result in disciplinary actions against the individual members or the chapter, which may include suspension of chapter privileges, disciplinary probation, or other actions as deemed appropriate by the Sigma Chi Executive Committee.


This policy shall be communicated to all chapters through the appropriate channels. Chapter leaders are responsible for ensuring that all members are informed of and understand this policy.


This policy has been approved by the Sigma Chi Executive Committee as of 6/29/24.