We understand when advisors and potential advisors want to double check the insurance coverage provided for volunteer service. Those participating in the RMF property program get additional liability and D&O coverage for their House Corporation members. Sigma Chi and Risk Management Foundation are fully committed to insuring all of our volunteer alumni as they form the backbone of our Fraternity. As such, the coverage available for alumni brothers is both broad and comprehensive.

All advisors are covered under the RMF policy as Named Insureds, as long as they are acting within the scope of their duties as advisors. Coverage would only be in jeopardy if, for example, a house corporation officer or chapter advisor was participating in a hazing activity or was allowing beer to be served to minors—an action that would clearly and knowingly violate RMF or Sigma Chi policy (or state law).

Also, there is positive legal precedent set by a key court case related to the Federal Volunteer Protection Act, which has been an excellent decision in support of volunteers and their efforts with Greek organizations. 

Fraternal Law article on Volunteer Protection Act