Constantine Chapter – Without hesitation

“… Without hesitation he entered the army as a private to contend for what he deemed right. He was one of those men who seemingly without effort attract the affections of all with whom he came in contact.” Harry St. John Dixon

Constantine Chapter – It was fully agreed

“It was fully agreed that under the exigencies of the situation the chapter should initiate new members. Needless to say, with Harry St. John Dixon as leader of the movement, such initiates would be youths of high personal worth, giving promise of usefulness in the program he was planning for Sigma Chi after the war.” […]

Constantine Chapter – The meeting was held…

“The meeting was held in a deserted log cabin on the outskirts of the camp, at night. By a miraculous effort one wretched tallow candle was procured. The cabin was in a state of frightful dilapidation. … But the spirit was there and shone brightly.” Harry St. John Dixon

Constantine Chapter – The members

The members of the Constantine Chapter “loved their Fraternity so much that they wanted it to be a part of their daily lives, even in the midst of a war. And if they couldn’t find it, they would create it themselves.” Mike Codina

Constantine Chapter – Rallying cry

Harry St. John Dixon, VIRGINIA and CONSTANTINE 1861, “founded the chapter to make sure that Sigma Chi continued to exist in the South. It was a rallying cry for Sigma Chis in the Confederacy.” Order of Constantine Sig and 20th Grand Historian Eric Hansen

Constantine Chapter – The only badge

“The only badge in the chapter was the remarkable one improvised by Dixon earlier in the war. All had lost their badges, Dixon’s own having been lost while on outpost duty on the Mississippi in 1862. The loss was keenly felt for the badge could not then be replaced in the South, and it had […]

Constantine Chapter – The last dats

“The last days of the war quickly came and rendered impossible any further activities of this war-time chapter of Sigma Chi. But both in the hearts that beat beneath their rudely fashioned silver cross and afterward, among all those in chapter halls of North and South, was strengthened the high purpose that Sigma Chi must […]

Steny Hoyer on fraternity life supplementing the classroom

“In my experience, I think fraternity life can be an important supplement to students’ classroom experience. If you look at the history of Sigma Chi, you see men from diverse backgrounds and different ways of thinking who came together with a common commitment to the values of brotherhood. I also believe Sigma Chi brothers learn […]

Steny Hoyer on life lessons

“Being a part of Sigma Chi was a wonderful experience, and many of the lessons I learned after joining the brotherhood, such as working together toward a common cause, are ones I continue to carry with me.” Steny Hoyer

Steny Hoyer on accepting responsibility of brotherhood

“One of the most formative experiences of my college career was joining Sigma Chi and accepting the responsibilities of brotherhood. Membership taught me many lessons, including determination and leadership, and it helped instill a commitment to giving back to my community and country.” Steny Hoyer

Franklin Howard Scobey on Friendship

“Nothing so much tends to promote friendship as the free and mutual interchanging of one’s thoughts, hopes and fears with one in whom we can confide.” Franklin Howard Scobey

Steve Wilson on giving back

“There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than giving back what you have learned and watching others grow.” Steve Wilson

Charles Nies on Horizons

“Horizons is about men having a clear picture of what they value and how to be a leader with integrity and character.” Charles Nies

Bill George on Character

“Character without action has little meaning in this world. But leadership—acting in accordance with your character—can change the world.” Bill George