About Mission 365


Mission 365 Overview

Objectives and Purposes:

  • To teach all undergraduate brothers and alumni advisors a recruitment process and techniques guided by Sigma Chi values and ideals;
  • To introduce a strategic planning process for a chapter-wide, 365-day recruitment approach and how to integrate all available Sigma Chi resources;
  • To provide essential recruitment tools that will help chapters identify and recruit men of character;
  • To introduce new recruitment materials to support our chapters’ recruitment efforts.


A Mission 365 recruitment training workshop will last approximately 6.5 hours and cover such topics as:

  • What is Mission 365?;
  • Why I Joined Sigma Chi. An activity designed to identify the reasons you joined Sigma Chi and what makes you proud to be a member;
  • A Look in the Mirror. A competitive analysis exercise that shows an overview of the chapter's recruitment efforts over the last two years, including bids given vs. bids accepted, and number of pledges initiated; a comparison of the chapter's GPA and how it ranks against the campus' all men and all-Greek averages; and a look at the feedback given by external sources, i.e., Grand Praetor, chapter advisor, Greek-letter advisors, sororities, etc.;
  • Finding the Best. Examining what it means to the best;
  • Our Selection Criteria. Defining a minimum selection criteria based on The Jordan Standard and applying it to our bid voting process;
  • Social Intelligence skills training;
  • Hello, My Name Is ... A role-playing exercise where members play on the role of a recruit and the rest of the chapter works to recruit the potential new members;
  • The Art of Asking Questions. Understanding the progressive questioning model and the proper way of handling a difficult question;
  • Understanding Differences. Familiarizing the chapter with the International Fraternity's diversity policy, and how to handle individuals different opinions;
  • Handling objections; and
  • Closing the deal.