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Become a Transformational Leader

The Transformational Leader program is Sigma Chi International Fraternity’s over-arching leadership development program for all undergraduate and alumni members. The transformational leader first must learn to manage self before being able to lead others and cultivate action within your community or campus. This program aims to equip Sigma Chis with the needed skills and competencies to transform their careers and chapters. The Transformational Leader program, free to all brothers, is taught online and through life-changing leadership experiences led by certified Sigma Chi Facilitator Academy instructors. Each of the nine certificates within the program contain 12 leadership competencies that make up the Transformational Leadership philosophy:  


“The practice by which leaders inspire and empower others to innovate and create change that will positively impact the Fraternity and ultimately the world.”   


Sigma Chi, through the Sigma Chi Leadership Institute, is the only Greek-letter organization to offer accredited leadership programming from an institution recognized by the U.S. Department of Education. This allows brothers to earn not only leadership certificates but also potentially transferable college credit.  

Students will learn tools that will increase their self-awareness. These tools will help develop a paradigm that enhances their personal efficacy. Within this competency are three certificates. 

Learn More about yourself.

Students are introduced to leadership theories and practices that will enable them to interact with others more effectively and learn how others’ perceptions of leaders influences a leader’s effectiveness. Within this competency are two certificates. 

Learn More about leading others.

Students will learn how to effect change within their personal lives, their organization and the community and help facilitate organizational growth and change. Within this competency are two certificates. 

Learn More about taking action.

Students discover the purpose of leadership in creating positive and lasting social change within their communities. At the heart of such endeavors is the focus on alignment between values and action. Within this competency are two certificates. 

Learn More about creating change.

What Sigma Chis
are saying about the
Leader Program

“We heard a lot of conversation from Sigma Chi brothers about their experience leading a company and leading a team. It’s good to hear each other’s voices and each other’s experiences, and that’s been extremely helpful. It’s not just one person saying, ‘Hey, here’s the right way to do this.’ It’s, ‘Hey, let’s discuss this, talk it out and hear another person’s voice.’ To actually be able to apply that to your life, it’s been extremely valuable to me.”
Teddy Davis
“It’s pretty hard to distinguish between your own perception and reality, especially when it comes to leadership, but getting to work with others and talk about things like this helps reconcile that difference.”
Michael Esson
“[The program is] treated just like a college course and is way more interactive than some of the college courses I have.”
Ryan Jeffries