RISK MANAGEMENT FOUNDATION (RMF) is committed to proactive loss control by working with key partners. Our disciplined approach and consistent financial strength allow RMF to repair and enhance physical structures to develop premier campus facilities.

We identify and address life safety issues while dedicated to maintaining the chapter house experience. We can offer campus housing assessments that keep Sigma Chi and partner organizations competitive. And we can enhance the reputations of our partners through safety awareness and consistent inspections.

Constantine Housing Initiative.

Preservation of fraternal and residential educational experience.

Preserve assets, character of Sigma Chi, and Fraternal experience.

Consulting. Lending. Property Management. Resources. Training. Inspections.

In 2017, Constantine Housing Initiative (CHI) was developed by RMF to provide, preserve and protect the student housing opportunities that strengthen the Sigma Chi undergraduate and volunteer experience.

CHI has also absorbed Constantine Capital, Inc. with intent to provide for the lending needs of Sigma Chi chapters and House Corporations, and to offer broader access to capital, especially for life safety improvements to housing. 

CHI has also adopted RMF’s property inspection program for its insured facilities in order to identify issues related to life safety, ongoing maintenance and long-term capital improvements. 

$15,000,000 paid in claims over 30 years.

We Preserve Through...

  • Sigma Chi has more than 1000 active volunteers. We are committed to supporting and protecting all of them, and our coverages fully safeguard them from personal exposure.
  • 93% of Sigma Chi undergraduate chapters (98% of U.S. chapters) are members of RMF. We work closely with each to customize loss protection programs to match the unique and changing exposures and financial needs.
  • Given RMF’s overall excellent claims record, we maintain relationships with well-respected insurance providers including Lloyds of London and other specialists to ensure the most comprehensive coverages at the best rates.
  • In more than 30 years, we have successfully managed more than 500 claims. When incidents arise, RMF steers the claims process in the best interest of the client, not only saving time and money, but offering comprehensive protection so the client can remain focused on the core mission.
  • We first work to understand the human and financial resources of an organization; then we develop customized programs tailored to meet those needs.
  • Since 1988, the RMF has served the higher education community with programs designed exclusively for the unique and changing exposures of college campuses.
  • We offer institutional clients programs that include comprehensive coverages and limits. We also provide a variety of risk control services for each higher-ed account.

Alumnus Highlight

Kenneth K. Klein

Oklahoma State 1965

  • Significant Sig
  • Chairman of the Board, Habitat for Humanity International
  • President, Kleinco Properties
  • Senior Director National Association of Home Builders
  • Vice Chairman, CHI