The Sigma Chi museum at the Fraternity’s International Headquarters in Evanston, Ill., which has been closed for renovations since August 2015, remains on schedule to open in early 2016, according to a Sigma Chi Foundation official.


“As with every project in a 50-year-old building, we have encountered a few issues, but nothing that has delayed the project significantly,” says Noah Phelps, NORTHWESTERN 2008, director of information management at the Sigma Chi Foundation.


The project’s workers recently completed the demolition phase, and contractors are now working on installing the appropriate climate controls that a museum featuring delicate artifacts demands. Once finished, the museum will display all manner of Fraternity artifacts and memorabilia from throughout Sigma Chi’s history, including multimedia exhibits highlighting the organization’s many Significant Sigs and International Sweethearts.


For more information about the museum renovation project, watch the Fraternity's informational video or contact Phelps via email.