Sigma Chi’s Executive Committee has closed one of the Fraternity’s undergraduate chapters, after reaching the conclusion that doing so was in the best long-term interest of the Epsilon Nu chapter at Texas Tech University. The chapter’s closure was deemed necessary in the wake of recurring disciplinary issues on the part of the chapter’s members.
“The decision to suspend [the charter of the Texas Tech chapter] was made only after every other possible avenue was explored and, ultimately, found to be inadequate,” wrote the General Fraternity’s International President, Dennis Santoli, CASE WESTERN 1967, in a letter to the chapter.
He continued, “Let me be clear that it is the definite goal of the Fraternity to return to Texas Tech University. However, no re-chartering timetable has yet been established. As you can understand, we want to be certain that our next effort with the institution reflects all of the strength, value and heritage that Sigma Chi offers, and creates a partnership with the mission of [Texas Tech University].”
Sigma Chi has 13,205 members in its 239 undergraduate chapters in the United States and Canada. Including both undergraduates and alumni, the Fraternity has 236,790 living members.