Journey Workshops






The Strategic Visioning Journey helps chapters plan for the year ahead based on goals its officers set at the Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. Members generate a shared vision for the long-term future of the chapter and create a plan of action designed to put major building blocks in place that will keep the chapter strong and relevant for years to come. To request this Journey, please click on "retreat requests" on the right navigation menu. This Journey needs to be completed by Nov. 1 each year. The chapter must upload its Strategic Plan to the strategic planning website at the completion of its Strategic Visioning Journey.


*The Sexual Misconduct Prevention Journey is the Fraternity's newest workshop that focuses on the changing landscape of federal legislation regarding the topic of sexual misconduct. This workshop is compliant with Title IX and the Dear Colleague Letter, the Clery Act, the Violence Against Women Act of 2013 and the Campus SaVE Act. This curriculum will direct our brothers to reflect on how they treat women and other men on campus, and take an in-depth look at the definitions of consent and bystander intervention.


Have you found that, despite your chapter being financially sound, having a full social calendar and a firm understanding of the Ritual, it still seems to be missing ... something? Do you want to eliminate cliques and improve communication? If so, then the Strengthening Our Brotherhood Journey may be the answer. It is common for a chapter's members to “go through the motions” and lose sight of what initially brought them together. This Journey can set the stage to reintroduce and reinforce the concepts of true friendship and its role in our lifelong journey in Sigma Chi. To request this journey, please click on "retreat requests" on the navigation menu at right.


The Responsibility and Accountability Journey is aimed at assisting our undergraduate chapters at holding members accountable for their actions and behavior. This workshops takes actual scenarios from fraternity life and presents them as examples for brothers to examine and then determine who should be held accountable in certain situations. In this workshop, we will examine why we justify our behavior, bystander intervention, how to properly confront and resolving conflict between brothers.


The Risk Intervention Journey addresses high-risk activities inherent in a chapter's culture, identifies the importance of policies, helps align actions with Sigma Chi's standards and values, and engages the entire chapter as partners for managing risk through the creation of action plans to improve chapter operations.

When to use the Risk Intervention Journey:

  • Major issues are arising;
  • The chapter is on the verge of suspension;
  • The chapter faces sanctions from the university, or the Chapter and Member Accountability Committee (CAMAC);
  • In the wake of a “near-miss” incident involving a social event, pledge activity, etc.;
  • The chapter needs to confront organizational or campus culture issues — systemic problems that are based on old and inappropriate traditions and expectations.

*Signifies a Journey in pilot stage.