Journey: Strengthening Our Brotherhood


The Strengthening Our Brotherhood retreat is designed to bring individual members into closer and deeper personal relationships while addressing issues that present a challenge to the chapter’s sense of brotherhood. The retreat will help members articulate the meaning of brotherhood and identify things they will personally and collectively do to improve. This retreat is especially helpful for chapters following recruitment, membership selection, Initiation, when interpersonal conflicts arise or as an annual activity to reconnect members with each other after a break.


  • Members become more comfortable talking honestly with one another.
  • Resolve issues of group dynamics, and function at a higher level.
  • Articulate the meaning and practice of brotherhood.
  • Work through hidden frustrations and concerns within the brotherhood.
  • Forge renewed connections among members who may be distant from one another.
  • Identify steps each individual can take to strengthen brotherhood.
  • Apply lessons in brotherhood to improve chapter performance.
  • Strengthen the emotional connection among brothers.


When to Use

This retreat is appropriate when used as a way to reconnect members who have fallen into various cliques following recruitment, membership selection, Initiation or an academic break. It is especially helpful in addressing and resolving interpersonal conflicts when they arise.