Journey: Strategic Visioning


The Strategic Visioning retreat helps chapters plan out the coming year based on the goals set by their officers during Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. Members generate a shared vision for the long-term future of the chapter and create a plan of action to put major building blocks in place that will keep the chapter strong and relevant for years to come.


  • Members complete a thorough analysis of their chapter’s current state.
  • Members buy into and support the chapter’s vision.
  • The chapter identifies major initiatives that its members must implement to achieve its long-term vision.
  • There is a detailed action plan for each initiative.
  • The chapter follows through on its 1-, 3- and 6-month timelines.
  • Every member is actively involved in executing the action plan(s).
  • The chapter completes its plan and achieves the desired results.

When to Use

  • Annually, following Balfour LTW.
  • To resolve divergent ideas about the chapter’s future.
  • When a stagnant chapter needs help digging out of the rut that it seems to be stuck in.
  • For a revitalization chapter, or chapter that has the attention of the Chapter and Member Accountability Comittee (CAMAC).