Journey: Chapter rEvolution


The Chapter rEvolution retreat helps members evaluate their chapter experiences and identify changes that they would like to make in order to advance the organization. The curriculum provides them with a chance to air their concerns and get on the same page about how to talk, act, and interact with one another and their community.


  • Complete a thorough self-assessment of the chapter’s culture.
  • Members see themselves from an outsider’s perspective.
  • Use the Social Change model to explain forces that act on culture.
  • Pinpoint specific behaviors, words and signs that reinforce the current culture.
  • Resolve chapter issues with which members are struggling.
  • Members change their patterns of decisions and actions.
  • The chapter implements a plan to change their words, behavior and environment.
  • Members have the energy, momentum and plan to evolve.


When to Use

This retreat is appropriate as a re-evaluation of the chapter culture when change is imminent. It is not appropriate to use unless the chapter is facing one of the following four change situations:

  • Change is being imposed upon them.
  • Change happening around them.
  • The chapter is imposing the change on themselves.
  • The chapter wants to make the change happen around them.