Meet the Foundation

/ Introduction /

The Board of Governors, headed by the Chairman guides the Foundation. President and CEO, Ashley Woods, is the Foundation’s Executive officer based at Peterson International Headquarters in Evanston, IL.

The governors of the Sigma Chi Foundation are a dedicated group of brothers who meet twice a year as a full board and who meet throughout the year in various committees.

/ foundation board of governors /

Joseph J. Durzo, Ph.D. | SYRACUSE 1967 | Chairman

John K. Forst | GEORGE WASHINGTON 1984 | Vice-Chairman

Board members

Jeffrey T. Gill | SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA 1978 | Acting Treasurer

Kim A. Caldwell | OREGON 1969

Randall S. Coppersmith | SOUTH FLORIDA 1979

Robert J. Georges | FLORIDA SOUTHERN 1973

Stephen W. Goodroe | GEORGIA 1971

68th Grand Consul, Michael A. Greenberg | ILLINOIS WESLEYAN 1982

Robert D. Johnson | MIAMI (OHIO) 1969

56th Grand Consul, Robert E. “Bob” Joseph | WILLAMETTE 1957 | Parliamentarian

Joe W. Martin | HOUSTON 1976

Jeffrey S. Muir | GEORGIA 1971

Past Chairman, John D. Peterson | INDIANA 1955

Daniel P. Walsh | SOUTHEAST MISSOURI 1971

Ashley Woods | EAST TENNESSEE STATE 2000 | President and CEO/Sigma Chi Foundation