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the alumni chapter

Alumni chapters are duly chartered organizations and designated by the name of the city, county or region in which they are located. Membership is open to all brothers regardless of their undergraduate chapter affiliation. Each chapter must have a minimum of 10 or more alumni brothers who participate in the Life Loyal or Alumni Program.

The main goal of an alumni chapter, association or club should be to provide alumni with an option for staying involved with the Fraternity after the completion of their undergraduate years. The ideal chapter will strive to strike the right balance betwen social activities, supporting the local undergraduate chapter(s), and hosting family and philanthropic events.

In order to remain in good standing, alumni chapters must meet at least six times per year and file an annual report of their membership, officers and meeting schedule with Headquarters by March 15 each year. Alumni chapters in good standing are entitled to a Ritual book, a charter, one vote at Grand Chapter, and one vote regarding petitions submitted for granting prospective undergraduate chapter charters.

Sigma Chi's first alumni chapter was established in Indianapolis, then called the Alpha Alumni Chapter, in 1872. Presently, the Fraternity has more than 130 active alumni chapters in the United States and Canada.

Alumni Chapter Map (2024)

the alumni association

Alumni associations are organized similarly to alumni chapters. They must meet six times per year, but they do not receive a Ritual book, charter, a vote at Grand Chapter or a vote on petitions submitted for granting prospective undergraduate chapter charters. Most groups designated as alumni associations are in the preliminary stage of becoming an alumni chapter and must be in operation for one year before petitioning the Executive Committee for an alumni chapter charter.

the alumni club

Alumni clubs are a stepping stone on the road to becoming an alumni association, and are only required to meet semiannually. They do not receive a vote at Grand Chapter, a Ritual book, or a charter. Although it is encouraged, alumni clubs are not obligated to ever change their status to association after a period of time. In order to be recognized as an alumni club, the group must fill out the annual report form and submit a membership roster with all updated information.


Contact alumni@sigmachi.org or call (847) 869-3655 for more information about alumni engagement and volunteer opportunities.