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Dear Sigma Chi graduates in the class of 2023,

On behalf of the International Fraternity, I would like to extend my sincere congratulations on your upcoming graduation. Your achievement is truly remarkable, and you should be proud of everything that you have accomplished during your time as undergraduate brothers of our organization.

As you embark on the next chapter of your lives, I want to encourage you to remain involved with Sigma Chi. Your experience as undergraduates has provided you with a unique set of skills and experiences that can continue to serve you well throughout your lifetime. You are part of a brotherhood that spans generations, and you can make a meaningful impact in the lives of others through your continued involvement.

Whether it is through joining an alumni chapter in your area, volunteering with your local Sigma Chi chapter, attending Sigma Chi events or simply staying in touch with your brothers, there are many ways that you can remain connected to our Fraternity. Doing so will not only benefit you personally, but also will help to strengthen Sigma Chi.

As you join the ranks of Sigma Chi’s more than 265,000 living alumni found in all parts of the world, I encourage you to stay true to the values and principles that you have learned as undergraduate brothers of Sigma Chi. These principles — friendship, justice, and learning — are timeless, and they can continue to guide you in all aspects of your life.

Congratulations, once again, on your upcoming graduation. I look forward to seeing all that you will accomplish in the years to come. Remember that you will always be a part of Sigma Chi, and that our brotherhood will always be here to support you.

In Hoc Signo Vinces,

Tim Sanderson, WESTERN 1985
72nd Grand Consul

Dear Sigma Chi parents, guardians and friends,

As the 72nd Grand Consul (international president) of Sigma Chi International Fraternity, it is my great honor to extend my heartfelt gratitude to you for your unwavering support of your student's journey through our Fraternity. As he prepares to graduate and embark on the next phase in his life, I would like to express my gratitude for you entrusting him to the care of our Fraternity.

The class of 2023 has accomplished great things during their time with Sigma Chi. They have exemplified our core values of Friendship, Justice and Learning, and they have left a positive impact on our Fraternity and the world around them. They have developed their leadership skills, built lifelong friendships and made a difference in their communities through service to others and philanthropy.

I would like to personally thank you for the role you played in making these achievements possible. Your support, encouragement and guidance have been invaluable to your student's success — and we recognize that Sigma Chi could not have achieved the level of excellence we have without your support.

As your student prepares to graduate, I would like to encourage you to continue to support his involvement in our Fraternity. The bonds of brotherhood that your son has formed during his time in Sigma Chi will be a source of support and guidance for him as he navigates the challenges of the future. Sigma Chi provides opportunities for continued growth, leadership development and service to others; we believe that these experiences are transformative for our members.

Thank you again for your support of Sigma Chi and for entrusting us with the care of your son. We are confident that the class of 2023 will go on to achieve great things, and we look forward to seeing all that they accomplish.


Tim Sanderson, WESTERN 1985
72nd Grand Consul



In an effort to better stay connected and provide you with resources once you graduate, we ask that you complete our graduation survey to let us know your best contact information and where you will be heading after graduation. We'll send you a free Sigma Chi graduation tassel as a thank-you.


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