Logan Morrison


Logan Morrison grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina and graduated from Western Carolina University (Kappa Gamma) with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. As an undergraduate, Logan held positions including Pro Consul, Quaestor, IFC Vice President, and several other minor positions. As an alumni, he has volunteered in numerous roles for the general Fraternity as Balfour LTW Ritual Staff, Kappa Gamma Housing Corporation member, and as assistant Chapter Advisor for our Mu Alpha Chapter at UNC Charlotte. 

Logan enjoys hiking, running, collecting Sigma Chi books, and time with friends. 


Job Description: 

- Implement the General Fraternity Action Plan for a response to Fraternity Policy Violations
- Intake all new conduct cases and make recommendations for response level and protocol
- Investigate policy violations through the coordination of undergraduate members, university officials, and alumni advisors utilizing appropriate mechanisms and procedures
- Oversee the Fraternity Action Plan and support the goals and needs of the CAMAC 

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Logan Morrison

Western Carolina

Accountability Coordinator
(847) 869-3655, ext. 294