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Dan H. Mathewson, PUGET SOUND 1986, was initiated into the Delta Phi Chapter on August 31, 1985. As an alumnus, he has devoted much of his time to mentoring undergraduates and helping them achieve and grow, individually and collectively. His volunteer service began in 1990 when he took over as Chapter Advisor for his alma mater chapter, Delta Phi at the University of Puget Sound. He remained in that role for 11 years until 2001, during which time the chapter was recognized 10 times with the J. Dwight Peterson Significant Chapter Award, the highest honor a chapter of Sigma Chi can receive. In 2001, Dan was elected to the position of Grand Praetor of the Northwestern Province, a position he held until coming to work at our Headquarters Offices in March, 2015. Under Dan’s tutelage and leadership, the chapters in the Northwestern Province have won a collective 38 Peterson Awards, 4 Legion of Honor Awards honoring exemplary scholastic achievement, 2 James F. Bash Significant Improvement Awards, a Risk Management Foundation Award for Best Overall Risk Management and a Parent's Club Award for best overall contributions to an undergraduate chapter. As a result of his dedication to the chapters and the sustained success the province has enjoyed with Dan at the helm, he was given the Edwin C. Fisher Grand Praetor of the Year Award in 2009. He has been a member of the Awards Committee (2005-2007) and Ritual Commission (2009-2011), and was Co-Chairman of the Peterson Award Revision Task Force from 2009-2011, and Chairman of the New Member Education Committee from 2011-2015.

While Grand Praetor, Dan served as Dean of the Praetorial College from 2007-2009 and then, he was the first Grand Praetor in Sigma Chi’s history to be elected by the Praetorial College to serve three consecutive terms as the Praetorial College’s Representative to Sigma Chi’s Board of Directors, from 2009-2015. While serving on the Executive Committee, Dan was a member of CAMAC (the Chapter and Member Accountability Committee) and the Ritual Renaissance Commission. He also served educationally for Sigma Chi by providing New Grand Praetor Training for several years, 2006-2014, and New Chapter Advisor Training at the Balfour Leadership Summer Workshop from 2007-2014. In recognition of his long and exemplary service to Sigma Chi, Dan was named as a member of the Order of Constantine in 2009 – the highest recognition a member of the Fraternity can receive. During the 2009-2010 college/academic calendar, Dan took up residence with our Indiana University group – Lambda Chapter – in order to help them keep their charter, regain their understanding of the Ritual and help them return to our shared Sigma Chi values. He talks about that as one of his most personally rewarding experiences in working with some very dedicated and quality undergraduate members.

After graduating from the University of Puget Sound with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Business and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Dan spent his first four years after college involved in human resources management for two Seattle-area municipalities. He then enjoyed an 11-year career as a Police Officer in Seattle during which time he was a LEBA/WSCJTC certified Mountain Bike Patrol Instructor. From 2000-2007 he was the Chief Administrative Officer and SVP-Commercial Lending for Ranger Financial Corporation. Since 2008, Dan has been active as a Human Resources and Investor Relations Consultant until “coming home” to Sigma Chi Headquarters to direct the Accountability and Chapter Accounts area. After spending his entire life living in the Pacific Northwest, Dan is now settling down in the Chicago area – a new home and place for him to explore. He admits to some trepidation as he prepares for his first Chicago Winter, just around the corner…

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Dan Mathewson

Puget Sound

Director of Accountability and Chapter Accounts
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