Art Berg


I will be working from the Pittsburgh, PA area which is my hometown. I am an entrepreneurial professional with proven and growing skills of leadership, tactful collaboration and "thinking on the fly". Greek Life is well represented in my household. My wife is and AZD, my 25 year old son is an SAE (George Mason U) and my 23 year old is a TKE (Clarion U). Obviously I am a Sig and graduated in 1982 from Ohio University (Delta PI).

The Delta Pi Chapter was recently re-chartered (3/2016) with 36 initiates and I had the honor to be their Colony Advisor. I have served as an Assistant Grand Praetor and most recently was Grand Praetor of the newly formed province West Virginia/Pittsburgh. I have great enthusiasm for representing Sigma Chi and work to always create a positive and honest environment regardless of the situation.

Job Description: 

Work closely with the Regional Grand Praetors to proactively assist undergraduate chapters, engage alumni and alumni chapters and to facilitate constant, reliable and mutually beneficial relationships with university partners all while positively reinforcing the Sigma Chi brand identity within the region and within the fraternity.

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Art Berg


Regional Support Coordinator (Northeast)
(847) 869-3655, ext. 237