Andrew Jung


Andrew is a 23 year old Chicago native, is a graduate of DePaul University where he was a founding member of the Lambda Omega chapter which was recently installed on Valentines Day 2015. Andrew graduated in 2015 with multiple degrees in Finance and Marketing, which he plans on using to help better the fraternity. Andrew spends a majority of his time immersed in many different sports such as football, volleyball, and hockey. He is also an avid car enthusiast, having worked with cars for a majority of his adult life.

Job Description: 

The primary responsibilities of the leadership programs coordinator are facilitating the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit, Mission 365, and Crossroads. Horizons is Sigma Chi's premiere leadership development program, made possible through the combined efforts of the Horizons Leadership Operating Board, the Sigma Chi Foundation, and some of Sigma Chi's most dedicated alumni volunteers. Mission 365 provides our undergraduate brothers with the tools and thought processes to conduct a year-round, values-based recruiting program based on the Jordan Standard. Crossroads provides undergraduate brothers the opportunity to have an open and honest conversation about their values and how their values relate to their choices regarding the use of alcohol and drugs. Professionally developed tools including bystander intervention training are utilized to help ensure chapters are prepared to and practicing values-based decision-making in their operations. The program challenges all Sigma Chis to integrate the standards of our Fraternity into their personal decisions about alcohol use.

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Andrew Jung


Leadership Programs Coordinator
(847) 869-3655, ext. 224