The Recruitment Vision


To inspire values-based relationships and train Sigma Chi members to recruit based upon The Jordan Standard.


Recruitment is at the core of our fraternity’s richest potential. When done correctly, recruitment represents limitless possibilities. For the last 12 years, Sigma Chi has offered a recruitment training program called Mission 365 to its undergraduates. The program is based on the philosophy that recruitment must be a 365-day process to seek high quality men.

The principles you will learn in a Mission 365 session are based on what the best fraternities and companies do to find the highest quality people to enrich their organizations. It contains practical suggestions to help chapters improve their recruitment results. Mission 365 provides tools and materials that will support our quest for the best.


What’s new?

This year, the Mission 365 committee has developed and field-tested a new, enhanced curriculum.

Here’s what’ new…

  • Six-hour session which teaches advanced social intelligence skills, such as:
    • Understanding differences;
    • The art of asking questions;
    • Dealing with difficult questions;
    • Effective closing strategies;
  • Enhanced interactive exercises that allow participants to practice these skills; and
  • A new Quest for the Best recruitment guide based on the best practices of our chapters.


In this session we will:

  • Define what a quest for the best means for Sigma Chi;
  • Outline a recruitment process and techniques guided by Sigma Chi values and ideals; and
  • Practice the social intelligence skills that all members must employ in order to recruit the best men on campus.



Regionally-based Mission 365 facilitators were trained at the 2016 Balfour Leadership Training Workshop. This training has improved the general understanding of the program, as well as provided each facilitator with the necessary tools to conduct an engaging and interactive workshop.


Scheduling a Session

To request a Mission 365 session at your chapter, click here or contact Andrew Jung, DEPAUL 2015, leadership programs coordinator, at (847) 869-3655, ext. 224 or Provide two or three dates a minimum of five weeks in advance of the first date requested for a session.