Mission 365

Who is the audience?

  • A minimum of 75 percent of the chapter needs to attend the session or the chapter will be assessed the expenses for the program. The Grand Praetor, chapter advisor or Consul may request a higher attendance percentage. This is a reduction from the previous requirement of 90 percent attendance.
  • Grand Praetors, chapter advisors and other alumni are encouraged to attend.

What is the Mission of Mission 365?

  • To teach all undergraduate Brothers and Alumni a recruitment process and techniques guided by Sigma Chi values and ideals.
  • To introduce a strategic planning process for a Chapter-wide 365 day recruitment approach integrating all available Sigma Chi resources.
  • To support the Scobey Spirit Initiative by valuing diversity when recruiting new members of different temperaments, talents and convictions.
  • To provide essential recruitment tools, which will help Chapters, identify and recruit men of character helping them realize their full potential.